NYC Daily Test Results Show Coronavirus Under Control, For Now

By Dave Goldiner New York Daily News WWR Article Summary (tl;dr) Despite New York City having a 1.8% positive test rate on Tuesday, down from 2 % on Sunday, the Governor warned New Yorkers to step up social distancing and mask-wearing as NY prepares to reopen. NEW YORK Gov. Andrew Cuomo hailed the coronavirus reopening Wednesday as a rare opportunity to reimagine New York state with giant public works projects like mass transit and redevelopment. Speaking at the newly rebuilt LaGuardia Airport in Queens, Cuomo said the state should take advantage of the opportunity provided by the shutdown forced by the pandemic. “Our goal is not just to reopen our goal is to take this moment of pause to stimulate and regrown and reopen better than before,” Cuomo said. The Democratic governor announced coronavirus testing rates that show the pandemic is still under control for now. New York City has a 1.8% positive test rate on Tuesday, a tick down from 2.0% on Sunday. Long Island’s rate was down to 0.8%, also a downward trend from the weekend. Cuomo warned New Yorkers to step up precautions like social distancing and mask-wearing as the hard-hit city takes the first steps to restart the economy. “With reopening, we have to double down on our diligence,” he said. “Each one of us has a responsibility.” He pointed to other states like Texas and Florida that are experiencing serious spikes in COVID-19 infections and hospitalization rates after reopening with less than ideal precautions. Cuomo said New York’s unique culture imposes an even higher bar. “You have to open safely especially in a place like New York City,” he said. “You have people on sidewalks people on subway cars. We need to stay smart.” ___ Distributed by Tribune Content Agency, LLC.
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