Older Women Face Unique Obstacles When Looking For Jobs

By Pamela Yip
The Dallas Morning News.

When Antonia Williams-Gary moved from Miami to Dallas a year ago, she wanted to do something different with her career.

“I really was in search of something brand-new in a brand-new place,” said Williams-Gary, 65, who had worked in nonprofit executive management and the specialty publishing industry.

Although she has family in the area, she wanted to find other women her age who were also looking for jobs in today’s ultra-competitive job market.

She found them at Ladies 1st at the Senior Source, a free program aimed at helping women 55 and older find jobs.

It offers support groups, mock interviews and mentoring.

While older men and women face challenges in searching for jobs, women face unique obstacles, experts said.

“The job search technically is the same in terms of what we teach them in job search readiness,” said Claire Turner, director of the senior employment program at the Senior Source.

“Except for women, in many cases, they are people who have just lost a spouse and have become the head of household and their child has just lost their job, their adult child has just moved in with them.”

“All of a sudden, they feel like they need to go back to work to bring in more household income to support now a child and three grandchildren,” she said. “We’re seeing that a lot.”

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