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A One-Stop-Shop For Your Styling Needs

By Muhammad Riaz Usman Khaleej Times, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

WWR Article Summary (tl;dr) At Dubai's "House of MC" women can rent exclusive designers and limited edition gowns for special occasions.


The concept of House of MC came into Maha Al Shamsi's mind through her own experience. As a busy family woman and entrepreneur with an active social life, she not only lacked the time to get ready for an event but was also spending too much money for dresses that would ultimately end up hanging in her closet once the event was done.

Recognizing a gap in the market for a styling services platform, Maha decided to establish House of MC, a unique luxury eveningwear rental with fashion and beauty concierge services.

House of MC enables ladies to rent exclusive designers and limited edition gowns -- both online and at its Maison in Dubai Design District -- for special occasions.

"Attending an event -- be it a gala, an awards night or a social occasion, can require long hours of preparation. People want memorable outfits, but don't necessarily wear them enough to purchase them. House of MC is the answer. We create an exceptional concierge experience where guests can rely on us to provide everything they need to get ready for their evening. From hair, makeup, limited edition gowns, exclusive perfumery and personal shopping to high jewelry rental and a luxury car service to the red carpet, our guests will find all they need at House of MC. It's glamorous and exclusive, but also sustainable in an ethical and economic sense," Maha explains.

"The first thing you understand as an entrepreneur is to identify people's needs and market requirements. Dubai has one of the world's most vibrant event sectors; one that plays a crucial role in economic growth. We wanted to make it easier and worthwhile for people to be at their most glamorous for important occasions -- while introducing a bespoke experience they'll cherish," she adds.

Maha says that her House of MC has a small but formidable team that travels the world regularly to meet fashion houses, gaining insight into the latest trends and collecting some of the most exclusive designer dresses available.

"We are all well-versed in the fashion and luxury sector while we have been working with a business consultant who has more than 15 years' experience in Europe and Middle East and understands our concept and the market. Combining all our experiences together is what allows us to evaluate the market needs and growth strategy for House of MC," she says.

"We offer a personalized service, so we believe in the omni-channel model. House of MC is online and offline based, with a 'maison' in Dubai Design District for private appointments for our clients to view our curated products and experience our services."

Maha says that House of MC has been self-funded and she intends to keep it that way for as long as she can sustain it. "Should opportunities arise in the future to branch out or requirement for growth capital, we will, of course, review them," she says.

"Our business is not an exact match to any other companies in the UAE as we are more of a hybrid providing both luxury products as well as services to our clients but clearly our target is to become a leading destination for discerning clients where we can create for them a truly memorable experience," she concludes.

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