OZYFest 2018 Underway In New York City

WWR Staff
New York

WWR Article Summary (tl;dr) Amazing speakers, music, food! What else could you ask for? This weekend, “OZY Fest” 2018 rolls into Rumsey Playfield in Central Park.

New York

On Saturday more than 5,000 people gathered in New York City’s Central Park for Day One of “OZY Fest”, NYC’s “TED meets Coachella” music/food/politics/ideas festival.

“Ozy” is an online magazine focused on news, politics, sports, business, and entertainment.
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The platform was founded in 2003 by former MSNBC news anchor and host Carlos Watson.

The two-day festival is an opportunity for the digital media group to bring together some heavy hitters to discuss current events, trends and technology.

Highlights of day one included:

– Sex and the City Star and current Mayoral Candidate Cynthia Nixon discussing the need to abolish ICE

– Salman Rushdie on the state of American literature

– Mark Sanford predicting the next economic collapse

– Rose McGowan breaking down into tears about the evolution of #MeToo

– Performances by Common and comedian Hasan Minhaj

– Alex Rodriguez discussing the current state of Major League Baseball

However, the biggest highlight of the day came when Hillary Clinton took the stage with Laurene Powell Jobs to discuss Russian interference in American democracy.

Clinton immediately jumped into the controversy saying, “The great mystery is why the president has not spoken up for our country. We saw that most clearly in this most recent meeting with Putin. We don’t know what was said in the room with just the two of them” It’s crucial, in meetings with a leader like Putin, she says, to have note takers and others in the room, instead of the one-on-one Trump and the Russian leader had.

Day 2 looks to be just as engaging. Headliners for the day include Malcolm Gladwell, Karl Rove, Michelle Wolf, Laverne Cox, Sen. Gillibrand and Chelsea Handler. Check out for the latest highlights from the event or go ahead and livestream!

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