How These Adults Manage College Debt Of Up To $229,000

By Erin Arvedlund and Bob Fernandez
The Philadelphia Inquirer

WWR Article Summary (tl;dr) Four college graduates share their personal stories of wracking up debt to go to school and how they’re getting out of it since entering the workforce. 

The Philadelphia Inquirer

More than 40 million Americans hold $1.6 trillion in student debt. It’s a source of constant conversation: how they took on debt, whether college or graduate school was worth the cost, and how they manage aspirations and families while also juggling punishing loan payments.

Here are the stories of some Pennsylvania and New Jersey residents who are paying off graduate school loans: an art student who self-published a book this year and is seeking a $100,000 grant for a dark film on student debt, a freshman legislator bringing attention to the issue in Harrisburg, a soon-to-be social worker, and a physical therapist paying off the cost of a doctorate degree and raising two young children.

Joe Ovelman lived the dream of an art career in New York, renting rundown apartments and bartending. Greenwich Village and Chelsea galleries showed his photography, drawings, and video. “I had great critical success,” the 48-year-old North Philadelphia resident said. “People would kill for a full-page color (New York) Times review.” But “nobody was paying for it.”

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