Photographer Comes To Aid Of 8-Year Old Girl Denied School Photo

By Nara Schoenberg
Chicago Tribune

WWR Article Summary (tl;dr) After a 3rd-grader was banned from picture day because of red streaks in her hair, a professional photographer stepped up to the plate so that the little girl could enjoy a deluxe photoshoot filled with studio backdrops and wardrobe changes.


Eight-year-old Marian Scott loved her red hair extensions, which she had worn on and off since the start of the school year.

But when it came time for school photos at her charter school in Jackson, Mich., Marian was told that her hair was a violation of the dress code and she wouldn’t be photographed, according to her father, Doug Scott.

The experience was crushing for the high-spirited third grader, her father said: “Marian felt she wasn’t acceptable.”

But Marian recently got a confidence boost, thanks to professional photographer Jermaine Horton, of Naperville, who drove nine hours round-trip to Michigan, so Marian could enjoy a deluxe photo shoot with studio backdrops and wardrobe changes.

“She’s a natural,” said Horton. “She’s a beautiful little soul.”

Marian’s father, who is black, said he believes the school dress code was not applied fairly to children of different races and skin colors.

“There were two kids this year who took pictures with Mohawks, and one had green in his hair,” he said. “My daughter’s one of the darkest in the school, and even some children that were light-skinned black like myself, they had different colors in their hair, and the school allowed that.”

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