The Pittsburgh Entrepreneur Who Will Bring The Casino To You

By Samson X Horne The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

WWR Article Summary (tl;dr) Meet Edie Coates, owner of "Ace in the Hole Entertainment" -- a company that provides casino-themed events for private parties, nonprofit fundraisers and corporate gatherings.

The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

A Penn Hills businesswoman was recently recognized for her success.

Edie Coates, 62, owner of Ace in the Hole Entertainment -- a company that provides casino-themed events for private parties, nonprofit fundraisers and corporate gatherings -- was named "Best Business Woman of Pittsburgh" by the Women's Small Business Association.

The association is made up of women who focus on mentoring, networking and education for small business owners.

Coates, a member of the association for two years, said she didn't even know she was nominated for the award.

"It was a real surprise," she said.

Susan Miller, founder of WSBA, said Coates embodies the mission of the association -- helping women business owners thrive.

"She continues to grow her business and is constantly reaching to other businesswomen and helping them grow their business," Miller said.

It's no surprise to Miller that Coates uses her company to aid with nonprofit fundraising.

"That's the type of person she is. She believes in supporting others. I see her more times doing for others than she does for herself. Even if she's inconvenienced," Miller said.

Coates' company is based out of her home in Penn Hills, but her work takes her throughout the region and into eastern Ohio. The company employs trained professional card dealers who dress in traditional casino attire: white shirts, black tuxedo vests and bow ties.

"They teach people who might not know how to play," Coates said.

Gamblers use "funny money" to play card and table games like craps, blackjack, poker and roulette.

Nonprofit fundraisers and corporate events allow people to turn in the funny money for raffle tickets to win prizes.

Coates said she is looking forward to bringing the casino to an upcoming event for Community Life, an independent senior living community in Homestead.

"It's nice to see them having a good time," she said.

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