Politics And Dating: A Deadly Mix?

By Erika Ettin
Tribune News Service

WWR Article Summary (tl;dr) Dating expert Erika Ettin says that regardless of the specific topic, whether it’s religion, politics, or something else divisive, it’s important to know whether you actually want to agree on these things, or whether you’ll be satisfied simply having a lively debate with your partner.

Tribune News Service

Whether it’s Brexit, the absurd 2016 election, or the senseless shootings that seem to be occurring daily … every day there seems to be something else happening in the world of politics and current events.

As we’re meeting new people and going on dates with people whom we’ve never spoken more than three words to before sitting in front of each other, how important is it to talk about politics and other controversial issues, or is it a taboo subject until you’re more comfortable with each other?

If you recall, I once wrote about love and money and how those two topics collide:

“Your approach to finances, if it differs from your partner’s, can put tremendous strain on a relationship. So whatever your views are on spending money, it’s important that you and your partner are comfortable with the other’s approach. When it comes down to it, how you decide to spend your hard-earned money is a very personal decision. Just like your values on politics and religion, your values on money will likely play a large role in your relationship. That’s why it’s best to address these issues before they become overwhelming. Rather than letting a monetary issue fester, bring it up to your partner before you become resentful of the other’s spending habits. (In fact, this is a healthy way to handle most large issues that arise in a relationship.)

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