The PottyBoss Is For Parents Who Are On The Go With Kids Who Have To Go

By Herb Benham
The Bakersfield Californian

WWR Article Summary (tl;dr) The PottyBoss is a potty seat cover for kids that is reusable, compact and portable and designed to “protect their bodies when they go potty.”

The Bakersfield Californian

Linda Grant could have mailed it in. Leaned back in the rocking chair and started rocking. Smelled the roses and grown some too.
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Instead, this mother of two, grandmother of two and wife to Thomas, invented the PottyBoss.

Grant took her life savings, 401(k), money under the mattress and loose change in the sofa and rolled it into a product she hopes will make parents’ lives easier.

If sayings, slogans or catchy phrases are any predictor of success, Grant, who has a $2 million dollar smile, is golden:
“The PottyBoss is for parents who are on the go with kids who have to go.”

The PottyBoss is a potty seat cover for kids that is reusable, compact and portable and designed to “protect their bodies when they go potty.”

Grant, who has pretty much done everything in life including banking, selling real estate, being a motivational speaker and pastoring at the Faith Christian Ministry on Chester for 12 years, sees the PottyBoss more as a mission than a product. A way of righting a wrong that has gone on for too long. That doesn’t mean she doesn’t want to make money. Stack some paper. Grant does. Lots of it, if she can.

If she does, Grant would “like to be a blessing to others,” not only with charities dealing with children, seniors and veterans but by inspiring other potential entrepreneurs.

Time for that later Now is the time to help relieve parents and grandparents of some of their public bathroom woes.
Grant’s been where they’ve been and it’s not pretty and most people know it’s not pretty. Who knows what you get with a public bathroom? Now introduce a child to the foreign, not always welcoming and not always clean public bathroom adventure.

“I took my first granddaughter on outings to parks, movie theaters and restaurants,” Grant said, getting fired up at the nearly 20-year-old memories. “There is nothing user-friendly about a public toilet. They are too large, not always sanitary, there are no paper covers and when they have them, they can slip off the seat.”

Grant, like a lot of people, became stressed thinking about all the germs and fluids that could be present.

“Parents had a problem,” Grant said. “We needed a solution.”

Years later, she found it, something she sketched on a napkin to begin with and is now made of polypropylene, ABS plastic and silicon rubber. The PottyBoss weighs about a pound, can fit into a woman’s purse and retails for less than $50 (the combo-seat and bag). Even more, the darn thing is almost cute and in fact, Grant has several cartoon characters she plans to launch in service of the PottyBoss.

The woman is a dreamer, but she is no softie. Grant has been up and down the mountain.

“My husband told me, “I’m glad you were the one with the idea because if it had been me, I would have quit a long time ago.”
That’s not her. It’s the grandma, the entrepreneur, the fighter and the woman of faith in her.

“When I talk to people and they tell me they are thinking about doing something, I ask them what their next step is.
“There are many dreams in the graveyard because people die without doing anything about them.”

Part of this dream for her is having Bakersfield, a town she moved to 38 years ago from Fresno, be known as the home of the PottyBoss.

December has been the soft launch. Grant has a Hollywood PR firm, a lawyer in Silicon Valley and a whole lot of chutzpah.

“A couple days ago, the utility patent came in and that is huge,” Grant said. “I let loose with tears. To think I had never invented anything before and now the PottyBoss is real and it’s protected.”

For Grant, Christmas has come early. She looks forward to see where the new year takes her.

The PottyBoss sells for $39.99 at

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