Q&A With Financial Journalist Maria Bartiromo

By Patricia Sheridan
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

In 1995, Maria Bartiromo was the first journalist to report live from the floor of the New York Stock Exchange and the first female journalist to be inducted into the Cable Hall of Fame.

The former CNBC “Money Honey” and Emmy Award winner is now sweetening the pot at Fox.

She was named global markets editor at Fox Business Network and is host of “Opening Bell With Maria Bartiromo,” weekdays at 9 a.m. EDT. She is also anchor of “Sunday Morning News” on Fox News Channel at 10 a.m.

She is married to the CEO of Wisdom Tree Investments, Jonathan Steinberg.

Q. How did you take on the challenge of being a woman in what was very much a boy’s club, especially when you first started?

A. I guess it was difficult when I first got down to the floor of the New York Stock Exchange. … There were a handful of people that really didn’t want me there. It was new to all involved having a woman on the floor reporting on what these guys were doing. No less, a woman with a camera. So I can understand, in retrospect, why some of the guys were uncomfortable with it.

How did I endure? I realized very soon into it that I needed to know my stuff and make sure to study, study, study. I recognized that when I knew my stuff, nobody could push me around. Often times I had more information than some of the guys on the floor had because they really knew the flow. They knew who was buying and how much but they didn’t necessarily know why. That’s true on any trading desk, so it became clear to me that it didn’t have anything to do with knowing the subject.

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