Recruiting Young Female-And-Minority Talent Has Helped Fuel Growth Of IT Consultancy Keyot

By Neal St. Anthony
Star Tribune (Minneapolis)

WWR Article Summary (tl;dr) Sisters Laura Kelly and Anjie Cayot have hit the sweet spot with their IT consultancy firm which is focusing on the fastest-growing component of the tech world — female and minority workers.

Star Tribune (Minneapolis)

When Laura Kelly launched IT consultancy Keyot with sister Anjie Cayot out of Kelly’s basement a decade ago, she was burned out from travel and fed up making money for big-company employers.

The siblings accomplished their first objective in a hurry: establishing a growth company, which this year is projected to reach revenue of $25 million-plus from the work of nearly 200 IT consultants and staff.

They also, as female owners and farsighted entrepreneurs, have hit the sweet spot with the fastest-growing component of the tech world — female and minority workers whose ranks are growing at roughly double the pace of the overall IT-business services employment market in the Twin Cities area.

“I like to call Crew 212 our millennial launchpad,” said Kelly. “And we’ve made it really simple for clients,” particularly smaller ones who can’t afford $100-plus per hour Keyot IT professionals, much less the $200-plus-an-hour fees of national consultants.

“Our [Crew 212] analytical talent is $57 an hour and our software engineers are $70,” Kelly said. “And the client may want us to build a blended solution and give them that senior person and a couple of Crew 212 people.

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