Salon Studio Plans To House 20 To 30 Individual Stylists

By Matt Woolbright
Corpus Christi Caller-Times, Texas.

Lynette Felder doesn’t have a knack for crafting that perfect hairstyle for the big night or the eye for just the right color mixture, but she knows a thing or two about helping others grow and achieve their goals.
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It’s a skill she acquired and honed during a 31-year career as an educator in Calallen, and what she hopes will lead her next venture — My Salon Suite — to success once it opens later this year.

“Working with people day in and day out and seeing them grow — students and teachers alike is something near and dear to my heart, so when I found My Salon Suite and saw the opportunity to continue doing that, I knew it was right,” Felder said.

My Salon Suite is a different kind of franchised salon. Instead of a central staff booking appointments and setting the business hours, Felder’s role will be providing individual suites for independent stylists and some training opportunities.

The 20 to 30 stylists who ultimately work there will be free to run their operations how they wish — even if that means taking appointments in the middle of the night, Felder said.

“All I’m doing is providing space for the stylists who are much more talented than me to come in and do what they do best,” she said. “It gives them the chance to be a true stylist and run their operation however they’d like.”

The details of the operation, including how many suites there will be or who the stylists will be, won’t be determined until Felder picks a location for the facility, which she hopes to do by the end of the month. The work to finish out a space is expected to cost between $400,000 and $600,000, she said.

While there are many salons in the city, this one is going to be different, Felder said. The furniture and atmosphere will be upscale, and the popular movie scene of a salon — an open-air environment with several stylists and dozens of people waiting and chatting — won’t exist here. Instead, the individual suites will be closed off by sliding glass doors.

And each of those suites will be equipped with a styling chair, washing station and chair, color mixing station and a dry station, Felder said.

“The concept is so genius,” she said. “It’s an upscale beauty concept where we empower stylists to become their own entrepreneurs — which I love — and it gives the customer they ability to have a unique quiet private experience.”

Felder and her husband settled on My Salon Suite after working with a franchise consultant in Dallas and reviewing three other franchise options. Felder was ready to retire from the school system, but had determined she was “way too young to not work and do something productive,” she said.

“I really think it’s something our city needs,” she said of the model.

If Felder is able to secure a location this month, she’s hoping to open the shop by September.

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