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The idea for Sherry’s Short Cakes was born amid the elaborate feathers and elegant flourishes of a Manhattan ballroom dance studio.

Each week as the studio’s dance social. Sherry would eye the dessert table with foodie dismay, feeling her tastebuds recoil in unison.

She felt that: Shall We East was not living up to the promise of Shall We Dance. Clearly, something was out of step.

In Sherry’s imagination, a picture began to paint itself. In her mind’s eye, she saw a table resplendent with

sophisticated desserts that evoked the elegance of a grand hall filled with twirling dancers and the strains of a Strauss Waltz.

Her petite fantasy morsels would be made with only the finest all-natural, organic ingredients. Each kissed with edible gold. Luxuriously decadent.

Responsibily healthy. No eggs, no cream, no butter. Nothing uspellable, nothing unpronounceable. Sherry realized this was a tall order that only a short cake could fill. So she decided to step up to the plate, and bake her fantasy cakes into reality.

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