So Chill: 8-Year-Old Opens Ice Cream Truck

Jackie Jahfetson
The Dickinson Press, N.D.

WWR Article Summary (tl;dr) While her friends may be “chillin” at the beach this summer, 8-year-old Averie Wood will be rolling through the streets with her mom in her remodeled set of wheels, called the”So Chill Treat Truck.”


Most 8-year-olds are celebrating the return of summer in June by splashing in the pool, riding their bikes and making s’mores by the campfire. But for Averie Wood, this summer she wanted to do something different. So she opened up her very own ice cream truck.

Averie Wood, 8, can be spotted in her So Chill Treat Truck this summer, driving around the neighborhood playing a fun remix of the “Ice Cream Truck Song” with her mom, Brittany Wood in the driver’s seat. This summer, Averie Wood said she hopes to sell as many pre-packaged ice cream treats as she can.

“It’s delicious. It’s cold on hot summer days and it looks yummy,” Averie Wood said, smiling inside her tie-dye colored truck.
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As a mom, Brittany Wood said she wanted to have her daughter be involved in something she could look forward to doing during the summer as well as having the responsibility of a job.

“We come from a big family of entrepreneurs. My mom owns Urban Unwind, my sisters own Aloha Tan, my dad owns a gas station. So we were talking and I thought I have two younger boys as well and I said, ‘What could we do that involves all of us as a family?'” Brittany Wood said. “And an ice cream truck kind of came to mind, and I remember we had one growing up… I thought there’s none here — let’s do it.”

In 2020, the Woods purchased an older van and remodeled it to create an iconic ice cream truck look with vibrant tie-dye colors and as a family, they came up with “So Chill Treat Truck” as the name.

“Averie is learning (how) the money we’re making now is just going right back in to pay off the investment. And then once we pay it off, (she) will start earning more money. And so, she’s getting it. She is smart — math is her thing. And so the more we do it, the more I just sit up front and she runs everything,” Brittany Wood said. “She knows how to take credit cards, count cashback (and) she can get all the products. She’s really quick.”

Throughout the summer, Averie Wood would like to up her product to feature 12 different items from sherbet to ice cream treats. She would also like to be involved at events throughout the summer and will be serving cold treats at the Dickinson High School school reunion in July.

“She gets most excited when we’re driving and the kids run out. That’s when she’s like, ‘Oh my gosh. Stop. Stop,'” Brittany Wood said, laughing.
Averie Wood chirped in, adding, “I always say, Get to your places.'”

The So Chill Treat Truck also does birthdays, team building/fun events and activities, gatherings, etc. For more information, email [email protected]
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