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Keeping An Eye On Your Credit Score

As if you didn’t have enough reasons to pay off that credit card debt…here’s one more, something called “time series payment data.” Traditionally, credit scoring included a snapshot of your balances but didn’t consider whether you paid them off monthly. Now with time series payment data, lenders can see whether you’re a “transactor,” who uses cards for convenience, or a “revolver,” who carries a balance. So far, credit bureaus have not said they will include the new data in scores, but some experts say it’s just a matter of time.

Well all that talk of credit may have you going gray, and for some that’s a good thing. Silver or Gray is trending now in fashion, accessories and home decor. An article out of the Akron Beacon Journal takes a look at the popularity of going au natural. Proponents say going gray is freeing, less maintenance and a more simple lifestyle. For more on these stories and much more simply head to our website www.workingwomanreport.com

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