Step Up For Equal Voice, Pay

The Joplin Globe, Mo.

WWR Article Summary (tl;dr) Great opinion piece out of the “Joplin Globe” in Missouri on why it is so important for women to become a part of the legislative decision making process.

The Joplin Globe, Mo.

If women are going to even the pay-scale playing field, they will also have to become decision-makers, not just in the boardrooms but also in their own communities, their counties and their states.

It doesn’t mean they have to hit the campaign trail. It can be as simple as volunteering to hold a position on a city board. And that’s something, studies say, women are seemingly reluctant to do. Instead, they wait to be asked.

According to our local numbers, that’s not working so well.

In a July 30 story by Globe reporter Crystal Thomas, we reported that of 22 Joplin city boards and commissions, there were four that do not have any women on the board and only two — the Joplin Library Board and the Historic Preservation Commission — that are made up of a majority of women.

What does that have to do with paychecks? According to a study commissioned by the Women’s Foundation, which serves Missouri and Kansas, women are more likely than men to choose a profession that requires occupational licensing.

The report also proposed that easing back on licensing regulations and upping representation on boards and commissions that regulate those licenses could make a positive change for women entrepreneurs.

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