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By Kelsey Gerhardt
Middlesboro Daily News, Ky.

WWR Article Summary (tl;dr) “Hickory Chicks Crocheting” has turned into a full family business for Deana Pursifull. Pursifull, who only taught herself to crochet six months ago now has her daughter Lexi managing social media and her fiancé Mike Havens doing the majority of the order deliveries.

Middlesboro Daily News, Ky.

Turning a hobby into a business is an entrepreneur’s dream. Virginia native Deana Pursifull has done just that with Hickory Chicks Crocheting.

Pursifull taught herself to crochet six months ago using internet videos. She perfected the art with help from her mother, Linda who has crocheted for years.

“At first it was a little bit hard, but I took to it pretty quick. My first project was a little hat and it actually looked good,” laughed Pursifull.

Hickory Chicks Crocheting started small, but has since grown into filling hundreds of special orders during the holidays. Her biggest sellers or most popular orders are the ‘messy bun toboggans’ which are hats that have a hole in the center top for a pony tail or bun hair style.

Another popular order are crocheted hats which have an attached beard to pull over the wearers face, making them look like a garden gnome or Santa Claus. She enjoys filling special orders and learning new things when buyers request it.

Pursifull was a registered nurse at Barbourville Hospital and retired in 2008 to take care of her children.
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“Now, I’m (crocheting) all the time — everywhere I go, even when I’m riding in the car to go somewhere,” said Pursifull. “I guess it’s calming or relaxing, and when I’m doing it I don’t think about anything else but crocheting or my next project, so it’s nice to get your mind off of everything else.”

Hickory Chicks Crocheting has turned into a full family business with help from her daughter Lexi who manages the business Facebook page, her fiancé Mike Havens who does the majority of the order deliveries and her mother who helps her fill orders when she is in a time crunch.

“Crocheting is all I do. When I wake up, I pick up my stuff and get to work on orders. I take it everywhere with me and I crochet while (Mike) drives so I’m always going,” said Pursifull. “I don’t stop until I’m sleeping.”

Pursifull now lives in Pineville with Havens. Between them, they have seven children and six grandchildren.

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