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Studio Owner Finds Tranquility In Yoga, Motivating Others

By Nubia Reyna The Brownsville Herald, Texas

WWR Article Summary (tl;dr) Yoga studio owner Esthela Valdes says passion and persistence are the most important elements to her success.

The Browsnville Herald

Wearing matching tops and leggings, dozens of women of all ages, shapes and sizes made their way through the North Park Plaza to attend their daily yoga class at Breathe Hot Studio where classes range from power vinyasa heated to non heated beginner's yoga.

Founder and owner Esthela Valdes said her yoga studio started years ago at a smaller place where she had only three students. She said passion and persistence are the most important elements for success.

"We, as women, are passionate and committed by nature, so, the principal ingredient is there, implicit in us. If we prepare ourselves, document and have a strong foundation for our project the chances of it being successful are very high," she said in an interview at the blue tables located outside her studio.

"My advice for entrepreneur women is to study, educate yourself and make a real approach of your idea, with its pros and cons, look for solutions and don't listen to those who say you can't do it; listen to your heart, it is never wrong."

With her studio, Valdes hopes women learn to be comfortable with their bodies and enjoy the road of tranquility yoga provides. She said yoga has to find you and even though she has always been very physically active, she felt like something was missing.

"When yoga found me, because it has to be in the time that it's your turn, I used to feel very "fregona " because I was training for an Iron Man, so I went to my first yoga class and I liked it and it made me feel good and at the same time it changed a little the idea I had that yoga was just relaxing; it challenged me a lot because even though I was strong ,because I was training a lot, I didn't have the necessary strength to do the things you do in yoga," she said.

The entrepreneur said when the training to become a yoga teacher came to Brownsville and she was invited by one of her friends; she said she was hesitant for not knowing if she was going to have the time because yoga is not her full-time job, she is a designer and an architect.

"And then everything magically fell into place, I think it was time for me to stop running around in life and in the world and just sit down and start looking inside me because that's what yoga teaches you; to know yourself, to work your body but not just for a physical benefit but also for a total well being of your body, of your life and your stability," she added.

Valdes said in the next few years she hopes to see Brownsville with more female entrepreneurs and the community being more active and healthier. She said everybody should support small businesses.

"Yoga is for everybody; for all ages, for all body types and yoga is not about the pose. Sometimes we think that someone is very professional because their posture looks very nice but every road is different and our physical body is a reflection of our emotional body," she said. "Yoga is not about the pose, is about the road that takes you to that pose." __ Distributed by Tribune Content Agency, LLC.

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