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The Campaign To Crack Down On Photoshopped Images

Two female representatives have co-sponsored legislation to help protect young children and teens from unrealistic images in the media. “The truth In Advertising Act” would mandate the FTC to report on advertisements photo shopped to “materially change the physical characteristics of the faces and bodies of the individuals depicted.
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” The legislation includes findings by congress, which point to evidence linking exposure to these images with emotional, mental, and physical health issues, including eating disorders.

And an article out of the Baltimore Sun takes a look at the growing trend of gender-neutral housing on college campuses in Maryland. Co-ed dorms, which shocked some when introduced in the 1970s, have given way to coed rooms. Before 2007, such arrangements were virtually nonexistent in Maryland. Seven schools in the state now offer the option to students, and an eighth has signaled it’s getting on board. For more on these stories and much more, simply head to our website www.workingwomanreport.com

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