The Coach Helping People Stay Healthy One Meal At A Time

By Nubia Reyna
The Brownsville Herald, Texas

WWR Article Summary (tl;dr) Alexandra Anzaldua’s company called “Juice Us” was launched after she starting posting health related information on Instagram. Her curiousty about and then quest for a healthier lifestyle soon blossomed into a juice and health coaching business that now employs 28 people.


Alexandra Anzaldua has been helping many people to change their lifestyle and adopt healthier habits as part of her commitment to the community.

Juice Us was founded two years ago when Anzaldua, a certified health coach, saw the need Brownsville had for a healthy place to go. She shared the story of how she changed her lifestyle when she became pregnant with her first child.

” There was an ‘aha’ moment with this, I was a normal person, like my friends would call me, and I was pregnant with my first baby and I realized there are a lot of diseases that we, as mothers, can prevent when we are pregnant by what we eat,” she said. “So, I started to study because I did not want to just be reading information online, since there’s so much information, so I started to do it full-time. Reading, investigating and studying and that’s how I received my first certification as a health coach.”

The ‘mompreneur’ as she describes herself on Instagram, felt committed to motivate the community so she started to upload information she has learned to her social media account, there, her followers were asking her more and more health-related questions. Because of that, she continued her education journey and eventually started selling little healthy cookies from her home, then, the business turned into what we know today as Juice Us.

” We started with a very small store and we were the first ones in Brownsville to introduce something like this, something that is actually healthy with the tag but also with the background of knowing exactly what we are offering to our customers,” she said. “So people started to come and ask all these questions about what the things were and how they would help them and the response we’ve gotten from the community has been amazing; Brownsville was ready to have a change like this one, to start receiving from the people of the community something that was really healthy.”

Juice Us currently employs 28 people and Anzaldua said she is very grateful with the response of the community and the impact it is making not only in the lives of those who eat there regularly, but also in the lives of the employees. The entrepreneur hopes to open a Juice Us store wherever is needed so more people have access to healthier options.

” I imagine a Juice Us anywhere is needed. Right now we are in the lookout, from here to McAllen, to see where else we need a Juice Us,” she said. “My heart has always been at the top of this, obviously it is a business, but my priority is to put a Juice Us where people need it the most and our philosophy here is to make people feel as if they’re home.

” What I always say is ‘I am a daughter, a wife and a mother but before all that, I am me and this is my passion’.”

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