The Five: Finding Success Early In Career

By Hanah Choh
The Dallas Morning News.

Is youth an asset or liability in business? Amber Olson Rourke offers tips on finding success as a young entrepreneur.

Rourke, 29, is co-founder and chief marketing officer of Addison-based Nerium International, a multilevel marketing company for skin care products.

Take risks

To create something truly meaningful, you have to forge your own road. You can’t be OK with the status quo. Complacency doesn’t lead to creation and innovation. All great moments in your life will come after you risk something big.

Find a mentor

It is so valuable for young entrepreneurs to have a mentor. Mentors push you to see yourself from a different perspective and shine light on your strengths and weaknesses. They also provide sage advice from years of experience that can help you avoid mistakes. I have two great mentors in my life — my parents, who have inspired me to get myself and my company involved with the Big Brothers Big Sisters program.

Know what you know and what you don’t

Being successful doesn’t always mean being right or having all of the answers. Success means being self-assured and surrounding yourself with people that complement your strengths. This is something that applies to life, as well. Always surround yourself with people who make you better.

Be confident

Any time you attempt to create your own path and build something great, you will have critics. So anyone who wants to accomplish something new has to be confident. Don’t let people who aren’t brave enough to follow your vision diminish your dream.
Know your product and your market

It’s important to focus on an unmet need in the marketplace and know how your product fills that need. The more you can “wow” your customers with solutions that fit their lifestyles and solve a problem, the more loyalty and brand equity you build.

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