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WWR Article Summary (tl;dr) Meet Linda Frueh, the scientist turned beauty entrepreneur who knows her way around an ingredient label. Her company, "The Good Chemist" is focused on creating skincare products backed by science.

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A scientist by training, beauty entrepreneur Linda Frueh knows about and understands the importance of research and scientific validity behind skincare products.

A Stanford and MIT graduate, Frueh left her technology career to create "The Good Chemist" after seeing that so many people had the same problem that she did, weeding through the choices and claims of the skincare industry to find a few products that really work.

"The Good Chemist" focuses on the handful of ingredients that have data behind them - the ones that make a real difference in the quality of skin. The company offers just four powerful products. Each is targeted for a top skincare concern: wrinkles/lines, hyperpigmentation, smooth texture and Blemish control.

Frueh's message is that great skin can be simple - it does not require tons of products or a complicated regimen.

She advocates pairing just one or two well-thought-out power products with inexpensive basics to get results.

In addition to the products, website has lots of information about ingredients and issues in skincare. Frueh believes in sharing information to help consumers make smart choices and avoid the side effects of too many active products - whether they choose to by her products or not.

The Good Chemist also operates in an ethical, eco-conscious way; the company only bottles in glass in an effort to minimize plastic trash in the environment and the company supports the scientific community by donating to STEM education programs for girls.

So if you are looking to switch up your skincare regimen for the fall, check out where you may find a simple answer to your skincare needs through science.

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