The Must-Have Travel Bag That Celebrates Strong, Badass Women

By Jared McCallister
New York Daily News

WWR Article Summary (tl;dr) The unique, “Liberators” travel bag bears the names of many of Haiti’s female freedom fighters such as spy and warrior Marie-Jeanne Lamartinière.

New York Daily News

The makers of “The Liberators” travel bag are correct when they say their product gives a new meaning to the saying, “I’ve got the power of my ancestors with me.”

The chic-looking travel bag — which bears the names of the female freedom fighters who took part in the successful Haitian Revolution — is a history lesson, travel necessity and fashion statement all rolled into one.

Travel entrepreneur Guerline Emmanuel, co-founder of the Belle Vue Tours travel company with her husband, Hogarth, gave birth to The Liberators concept and design.

The bag helps revive the names and vital contributions of Haiti’s female fighters, such as spy and warrior Marie-Jeanne Lamartinière, key organizer Cécile Fatiman, and Agbaraya Tòya, general in Africa’s Dahomey kingdom who brought the African Yoruba language, art and the science of war to Haiti’s battle against the French colonizers.

Keeping with its historical theme, the bag debuted Nov. 18 — the anniversary of the history-making Battle of Vertières when Haiti’s slave army valiantly clinched independence from France.

“I am grateful, humbled, and empowered. This is more than a product, it is a piece of history,” said Emmanuel.

Available in medium and large sizes, the bag can be purchased at For questions, call (800) 418-7940 or send email to

To learn more about the women featured on The Liberators bag, get the book “Sheroes of the Haitian Revolution” by Bayyinah Bello, illustrated by Kervin Andre and published by Thorobred Books. Visit and go to to see Andre’s art.

And visit the Belle Vue Tours historical and cultural outbound tour company at

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