This App Could Change The Way You Shop Online

By Yogendra Kalavalapalli
Mint, New Delhi.


It gives you a virtual impression of how a shirt fits your body. Complete with the folds and the creases, Trupik Connect, an app developed by Sunnyvale, California-based Trupik Inc. virtually drapes a piece of clothing on one’s body, giving users a trial room-like experience of how a garment looks on them.

The app uses advanced 3D body mapping technology factoring in elements such as gravity, friction between body and fabric, and repulsion between fabric and fabric, to present what the founders describe as a virtual physical store experience.

Most virtual dressing rooms of e-commerce sites superimpose a piece of clothing rather than fit it over a person’s body.

“That’s like standing in front of a mirror, and holding a piece of cloth over your body. You won’t know the exact fit,” Shivani Pulimamidi, chief marketing officer of Trupik, said.

Customers have to walk into dedicated kiosks set up at retail outlets Trupik has partnered with to get a 3D scan of themselves. A Kinnect device with a 3D camera captures the three-dimensional scan of a body, gathering as many as 100,000 data points. Users are not charged for the body scan that takes about 30 seconds.

They can also submit their measurements online to Trupik that then generates images of how a person would look in different sizes.

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