Veteran Looks To Support Black, Female Businesses

By Casey White
The Star, Shelby, N.C.

WWR Article Summary (tl;dr) Meet Tiana Littlejohn, founder of “Black Female Owned”, a company she created to help support other black, female entrepreneurs who are also navigating their way through the world of business.

The Star, Shelby, N.C.

Tiana Littlejohn was serving overseas when she thought of an idea for a business that would allow her to serve others in an entirely different way.

Service is not an unusual task for Littlejohn, who works full time with the Cleveland County Department of Social Services while also being a member of the Army National Guard.

The idea she thought of in Kuwait was Black Female Owned, a business she is now using to help support other black, female entrepreneurs navigating their way in the business realm.

“I just feel like I’ve always had an occupation where I’m serving and helping others,” she said. “I got my degree in business, and I’ve always wanted to be a business owner so I tried to tie in how I can still serve others being an entrepreneur.”

Littlejohn said her idea is to start small and build her way up.

She currently sells branded items like coffee mugs and pillows promoting the empowerment of black women and uses the Black Female Owned account on Instagram to promote businesses to an audience seeking to support black women entrepreneurs.

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