Do You Want Good Health, Money And Love In 2019? These Rituals Might Help

By Sarah Moreno
Miami Herald

WWR Article Summary (tl;dr) Astrologer Alina Rubi shares several rituals based on the Zodiac that you can follow to help bring health and happiness in 2019.

Miami Herald

A green apple, Chinese coins, Champagne, sugar and honey. Those are the ingredients needed for the rituals that will help to bring you good luck in love, business, work and most importantly health.

Nature will help you put them into practice, because some require water, others must be performed at midnight and others with ashes. Sometimes the preparations must be left under a pillow, and sometimes in a bottle in a dark corner of the home.

Miami Astrologer Alina Rubi recommends the following rituals. Look up your sign of the Zodiac and follow the steps for the best of luck.

“We all want a year full of prosperity, love, health and peace, so performing these little rituals is not too much to do for getting what we want,” said Rubi.

-FIRE – Aries, Leo and Sagittarius
Get three Chinese coins (they have a square hole in the center) to attract prosperity and abundance. Tie them together with a red ribbon and put them in a small red bag along with a leaf from a Rue or Ruda plant _ considered to be an esoteric plant that protects and brings good things to your life _ with a magnet and a garlic clove.
Keep the bag under your pillow for seven days. Then remove the coins and the magnet, burn the rest and throw the ashes into moving water.
Keep the coins with the red ribbon in your purse or wallet at all times, and you will always have money.

-EARTH – Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn
For this ritual you need a green apple, honey, a coin, a very healthy plant and water.
During the night and under a crescent moon, make a hole in the apple and insert the coin and the honey.
Bury the apple alongside the plant, digging deep but without affecting the roots so it continues to grow. Then cover everything with a lot of soil and water it.

-AIR – Gemini, Libra and Aquarius
At midnight, take a coin and wet your hands with Champagne. Put the coin in a container with a sugar, and when it is well covered wash it with Champagne and allow it to dry. Keep the coin in your wallet or purse throughout the year 2019.

-WATER – Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces
Put three coins (better if they are different because the spell will be more effective) in a small air-tight container. Cover the coins with honey, then add the same quantity of water. Close the container and tie a red ribbon around it, making three knots. Place the container somewhere visible in the house, but not so obvious that someone can find it.

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