This Western Wear Brand is “All American”

By Kianna Fernandez
Lodi News-Sentinel, Calif.

WWR Article Summary (tl;dr) This article takes a look at small business owner Hailey Nelson. She has created a unique country western style clothing brand. For Nelson, this is a homegrown business, all of her products are purchased through domestic manufacturers and her T-shirts are locally screen-printed at a local mom-and-pop shop.

Lodi News-Sentinel, Calif.

Local entrepreneur Hailey Nelson is a one-woman show as she juggles the life of being a wife, mom and business owner of her brand, Western and Co.

Working as a graphic designer for a few years, Nelson had completed contract work for large companies when she realized she wanted to design her own T-shirts.

“I’ve been searching for tees that fit my vintage and western style and after coming up short, I decided, ‘heck, I could do this,'” Nelson said.

From there, she jumped into a competitive market and created a clothing line catered to consumers with a country western style. Western and Co.’s T-shirt line launched in January and is an all-American based brand.

Starting her own business was not without its challenges as Nelson worked to create a larger consumer base for her products.

During the creation of her own business she turned to her favorite quote: “The only failure is quitting; everything else is just gathering information.”

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