What To Know Before Hiring Marketing, Public Relations And Advertising Help For Your Business

By Ann Marie van den Hurk
Lexington Herald-Leader.

Business owners juggle many different functions, from bookkeeping to marketing. But most cannot do everything, and that’s OK.

Most business owners get to the point where they need to hire outside help.

It’s a huge step for a business. Bringing someone in who is an expert in managing, growing and/or protecting your business is an important investment. Contracting a consultant or firm can help bridge skills gaps.

Getting the word out about your business is essential to reach more customers. That’s where public relations and marketing can help. A consultant or agency can let people know about your services and products by creating or refining your business name, your messages, your brand and the content on your website.

It can help business owners with media relations, social media management, website and content development. An experienced consultant/firm can look at your business at the macro and micro levels and provide you with a customized strategy and plan based on your communications needs.

What do you need to know when contracting a public relations and/or marketing consultant or firm?

Lourdes Diaz of Diaz Creative, an independent marketing and public relations firm, wishes that clients understood the difference between public relations, marketing and advertising. This lack of knowledge creates many problems. Don’t be afraid to ask the consultant what the differences are between those disciplines; most public relations practitioners have an understanding and/or experience in marketing and advertising.

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