What’s Cooking On The Mind Of This Entrepreneur?

By Sandhya D’Mello
Khaleej Times, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

WWR Article Summary (tl;dr) Jyoti Bhatia who runs a chain of restaurant brands across Dubai shares the challenges of operating several businesses in such a multi-cultural city.


Women must step out and explore the world and understand their own capabilities, says Jyoti Bhatia, founder and managing director of Jackberrys, a chain of restaurant brands across Dubai.

Jackberrys includes the restaurant brands Barry’s Bench, Cultures and Desi Bistro operating across Dubai. Bhatia founded Jackberrys in 2004 and rolled out the brands in subsequent years.

The entrepreneur feels innovation is a vital tool for the success of any brand. She also believes that technology plays a very crucial role in the success of every venture.

Being in the business of catering and serving varied cuisines has led Bhatia to remain abreast of the latest smart solutions and business trends.

“Today, consumers are well-informed as information is readily available at their fingertips. The consumers know their spending capacity and budget their purchase accordingly. In such a scenario, catering businesses have to ensure that they are very active digitally.

Digital reach
“Our interaction and engagement with the consumer has changed drastically from before. Today, we cannot afford to not be active on digital media. It has a wide reach. It helps you access various locations and different sects of people which is not possible physically,” says Bhatia.

Running a food business is challenging in a multi-cultural society like Dubai, she informs.

“The consumer today is spoilt for choice; they need more than you can provide. Jackberrys is a one-stop-shop for all major cuisines. We ensure that the consumers get all that they crave for. We specialize in Mexican, Indian, barbecue, Chinese, Continental, basic Japanese [sushi and teppanyaki and Thai cuisines,” adds Bhatia.

“Our forte is live cooking stations for all cuisines. This lures our customers as what we offer is more than just a buffet. The secret to my success is my staff who are extremely talented and courteous. They are the reason that my customers are happy.”

Bhatia entered the hospitality industry not by chance but by choice. She has always had the knack of cooking good food and savouring the pleasure of seeing friends and family enjoy it. “I wanted to take this passion of mine to more people, seeing them delighted after having a great food experience and the warmth shared,” she recalls.

Learning experience
Bhatia opened her first outlet Cultures, a casual dining restaurant in 2004 in Dubai Media City. There has been no looking back since. Cultures was a big learning experience where she initially faced challenges before it became successful.

“My family has always been in the business of hospitality. I have had a passion for organising, serving and bringing happiness through my work. It gives me immense satisfaction to see my clients enjoy their party and be tension-free, leaving all the organising details to my team of experts. This inspires me to continue giving the best services to our clients. In the success of their events, I see my dream come true,” she adds.

Bhatia asserts that as women have the natural instinct to be a homemaker, they are gifted in multi-tasking. “By relying on our instincts, we can find immense success, not just financially but also personally. If a woman is able to pursue her passion through business, she must. She may face challenges initially, but those failures will only help her grow and prepare for bigger successes,” advises Bhatia.

Women form the backbone of Bhatia’s company. The firm employs some very strong and capable women who bring forth great ideas and have a hands-on approach to turn those concepts into reality. Bhatia says this hands-on approach is essential in business, especially in the hospitality sector.

“Women in my organisation are ready to work hard to make our ideas come to life. However, I believe a combination of both genders is necessary in the successful running of a business today. Both have a unique set of talent and abilities that they bring to the table,” she says.

The brand is currently exploring a few new locations to expand and is also considering ideas to enhance their current operations.

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