Whose Closet Consignment Offers Items For Women, Children

By Angelee Wiley
Times West Virginian, Fairmont.


Lee McQueen started her career in the medical field.

She loved her job, but after having children she decided she was ready for a new adventure.

For about nine months McQueen worked at a consignment store in Bridgeport and then decided she was ready to own her own business.

She and her husband had talked about it, and they wanted to open a consignment shop for women.

On July 1, McQueen opened Whose Closet Consignment in White Hall. The consignment store offers items for women and children to choose from. People can purchase clothing, purses, formal wear and toys.

McQueen is a Fairmont native and said it’s an honor to be able to own a business so close to the community where she grew up.

“It’s good when you get to see people that you used to know,” McQueen said. “It’s exciting especially to help out Fairmont.”

Owning a business is something McQueen said she always wanted to do. About three years ago, McQueen and her husband tossed around the idea of owning their own business, and after having children they thought it would be a good idea to open a children’s consignment store.

“It’s hard when you have kids, especially when you’re a mom and when you want to buy something for yourself,” McQueen said.

After 90 days McQueen said she donates items in the store that were not sold. She said in the past she has donated to the Union Mission and other organizations in Marion County.

McQueen said each month she wants to pick a different organization to donate items to.

“It’s wonderful if we can help somebody,” McQueen said.

She said items donated to Whose Closet Consignment can’t be ripped or stained or have holes and the items should be clean.

Right now, McQueen is only collecting fall and winter clothing items.

She said what makes this store unique is that it has a variety of items for people to choose from.

“If you can’t find it here, I don’t know where you’ll find it,” McQueen said.

She said her favorite part of owning a business is the flexibility of her schedule. But that’s not the only part that makes her smile on a daily basis.

“It’s the best job. I get to talk to all different people,” McQueen said.

She said opening a business can be a difficult process. McQueen said if people have an open mind and are willing to work outside their comfort zone, opening a business can be a reality.

She said family support has also played a vital role in making this dream come true.

“Just from coming and helping go through items, (helping) hang items and watching the kids, (there) was a tremendous amount of help from the family,” McQueen said.

She said so far she is having a blast owning Whose Closet Consignment. She said she loves searching through the bags people bring in.

Items at Whose Closet Consignment are priced a third or half of what the item costs brand new. She said prices also depend on the condition and brand of the item.

In the future, McQueen said she would like to open a second store and sell furniture, bedding and kitchen items.

Whose Closet Consignment is open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Tuesday through Friday and from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday. The store is located at 57 Cory Road in White Hall.
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For more information, call 304-629-7058.

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