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Why It Pays To Encourage Other People

Judi Light Hopson, Emma H. Hopson and Ted Hagen Tribune News Service

WWR Article Summary (tl;dr) "Every person we meet has something special that we don’t. Each has “gifts” inside that can enhance our own life. When we begin to see that, we can send out some good vibes."


Do you realize the power of your words? Carefully spoken, they can change lives.

We can initiate miracles by speaking phrases of encouragement to friends and associates.

In our families, we can make life-changing declarations over our children, grandchildren, and other relatives.

For example, if your grandfather said to you years go, “I will be at your college graduation one day,” you would’ve felt encouraged to stick with your studies. His vision of seeing you graduate would've united with your own vision.

Imagine that a divorced, single mom with four children moved in next door. You might be inclined to think: She has a rough road in front of her. But, what if you decided to become the encouragement she needs?

A friend of ours was in this situation. We’ll call her Lynda. Lynda lived next door to the single mom mentioned above. Lynda decided to take the family some dinner one night about three years ago.

“I saw how exhausted the mother was,” says Lynda, “but I infused some love and energy into her life. I said, out of nowhere, ‘I get the feeling you’re going to be a great success on your own.’”

Within two years, the single mom was a published author. She started encouraging Lynda to write as well. Before long, Lynda was a regional celebrity for writing a biography on a historic leader in their town. Lynda co-wrote the book with the single mom.

When we encourage and uplift other people, they will be there for us when things go wrong, too.

“When my business went belly up, my employees rallied around me,” says a restaurant owner we’ll call Ted.

“I’d encouraged each of them in many ways,” Ted emphasizes. “With my approval, they approached a couple of investors, bragging on our teamwork. We got some investment capital and got a new catering business in place. We’re doing well, and our income is more than it was!”

Every person we meet has something special that we don’t. Each has “gifts” inside that can enhance our own life. When we begin to see that, we can send out some good vibes.

“About six years ago, I hired a guy named Juan to do some plumbing in my kitchen,” says a retail store manager we’ll call Rodney. “I thanked this guy profusely, because he came out on a Sunday afternoon. Juan was kind, very helpful, and he didn’t charge me an arm and a leg.”

Rodney says he ran into this same plumber recently. “Juan told me he was building homes for a living, and he owns his own construction company,” Rodney explains. “When he told me the name of his construction company, I was astounded. They build million-dollar homes in our city.”

Juan told Rodney, “You encouraged me that Sunday afternoon. At that time, I was really down, and I needed the money you paid me. When Monday came, I started writing a business plan. I called up some friends. We got a loan to build our first house, and the rest is history.”

Rodney has dreamed of building a house with an attached apartment for his mother. Juan told him he’ll help him do it.

“We’ve got the plans already drawn up,” says Rodney. “Juan is working with my limited budget to create the house I want.”

Rodney sums it up this way: “Encouraging words are like an investment in our own future. They really do come back to benefit us.”

(Judi Light Hopson is the Executive Director of the stress management website USA Wellness Café at Emma Hopson is an author and a nurse educator. Ted Hagen is a family psychologist.) ©2020 Tribune Content Agency, LLC

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