Wine Down With Huntsville’s Newest Lounge

By Marissa Nunez Mnunez@itemonline.Com
The Huntsville Item, Texas.

Huntsville native Andrea Wass always knew she wanted to be an entrepreneur. She had hopes to one day run her own business.

It was Wass’ drive to turn that dream into a reality, combined with her passion for wine, that spurred the creation of Huntsville’s newest nightspot, The Cellar Wine Lounge.

“I’ve hosted wine events at my home and so I kind of wanted to offer it up to the public,” Wass said last week. “It took a couple of years because I was nervous about starting it. I took classes and had to go through some avenues to learn the business side of it, so I did not just jump into it and say this is what I want to do.

“I really had to do some studying and some research and make myself knowledgeable.”

After about a year and a half of studying and learning about the business, Wass officially opened the doors to The Cellar in mid-September of this year. In the short time the lounge has been open, Wass says she has received positive feedback from those who have experienced all that The Cellar has to offer.

“Everybody is really taken aback,” Wass said. “Most people know this use to be a dental office, so just walking in here they’re kind of taken back on how it has changed and the atmosphere that is offered here. Everybody really loves the ambiance.”

When walking inside the dimly lit building that houses The Cellar, it’s hard not to get wrapped up in the warm and cozy atmosphere. Through the beautiful, leather chairs, live-edge wooden bar by M&G Sawmill, framed vintage wine labels and candles spread throughout the room, it’s the perfect place for citizens to come to have a relaxing evening with friends and loved ones.

While soaking in the ambiance of The Cellar, guests can enjoy gourmet pizzas, meat and cheese plates and various desserts while sipping on one of the 100-plus various labels of wine the lounge offers, ranging from champagne to prosecco to whites, reds and everything in between.

The selection of wine also ranges in price, from low- to high-end bottles.

“The wine culture is kind of new to Huntsville and I find that when Huntsville finds something that they like, they kind of stay true to it,” Wass said. “I’m kind of here to turn the tables for them and really cultivate Huntsville’s palate to different wines.

“I want to give guests an experience with wine, but I hope they take away just the enjoyment of what we have to offer as far as the atmosphere.”

The name “The Cellar” came from Wass’ husband, who thought it was a play on Huntsville and the prisons that are throughout Walker County. The wooden sign placed in front of the building was made by local carpenters Shane Doyle and Kevin Currie and painted by local sign artist Ken Manthei. It adds a rustic touch to the overall atmosphere of the wine lounge.

Wass says the wine selection changes every few weeks, depending on the popularity and sales of each wine. She plans to start offering different weekly food specials in the new year to be able to offer something new and fresh to her customers.

Another new feature Wass plans to add to The Cellar is live entertainment from local musicians at least twice a month, along with wine tastings.

“We’ll start offering wine tastings, where we’ll put it out to the public that this time of month we’re going to have this tasting,” Wass said. “Then you pay a set price and come in and taste an array of wines and we’ll pair it with different foods.”

For those trying to find a space to host their holiday parties or other private events, The Cellar is open for reservations. Wass says in the three months since opening she has had “a lot of things happen” including birthday parties, anniversaries and company parties.

Overall, The Cellar has allowed Wass to become more open and has allowed her to meet more people that call Huntsville home.

“I’m from Huntsville and I’m usually pretty quiet and to myself, so now Huntsville is like a whole new world to me,” Wass said. “I’m getting to meet new people and the experience here that everyone is bringing in and taking away.”

The Cellar Wine Lounge is located at 1320 Windsor and is open Tuesday through Saturday from 5 to 11 p.m. For more information or to make a party reservation call (936) 439-6575.

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