When Women Ask For Help, Happy Things Happen

By Debra-Lynn B. Hook
Tribune News Service

WWR Article Summary (tl;dr) Debra-Lynn Hook shares how a recent accident helped her to understand that when it comes to help, it was not only OK, but reasonable, to be on the receiving end sometimes.

Tribune News Service

For those of us women who hate to ask for help, there comes a day of reckoning.

We have a cold and have to ask for soup.

We have a serious illness, and have to ask for a lot of soup.

And then sometimes we can’t move.

A week ago, I leaned on what appeared to be a sturdy table at a wedding to photograph the rings. I’d gotten some nice shots, and when I was done, I put my hand on the table to brace myself to stand up. The table, which was not so sturdy as it turns out, collapsed. I fell to the floor only a foot or two, banging my elbow and my knee. But it was the long muscle in my groin that took the brunt of it, stretching taut like a rubber band to try and catch me. Ouch, times infinity.

Talk about a wedding crasher, the next day and the next and the next and for the next many days and nights, my mobility was severely limited. I found crutches in the garage from when my youngest sprained his ankle, which I employed to hobble from bed to bathroom, which is about all I’ve been able to muster other than a trip to the physical therapist who told me I tore my adductor muscle. Eight days out and I continue to struggle with walking, getting in and out of the bed, even sleeping, as the adductor is the muscle that helps the leg turn, lift and otherwise act like a leg.

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