An X Next To An XX: Women Candidates Are Surging, A Fine Sign

New York Daily News

WWR Article Summary (tl;dr) In 2018, women are stepping up in droves to make their voices heard at the ballot box.

New York

The classic feminist saying “A woman’s place is in the House — and the Senate” has in a flash gone from aspiration, with just one in five seats held by women, to the powerful possibility that the next Congress will come closer to mirroring to the nation it serves.

Among the 13 states that have already selected House nominees, 43% of Democratic Party picks are female.

Among non-incumbents, half are female, nearly double their previous numbers.

They follow the trail Hillary Clinton blazed, and held high by a Women’s March that surged more people onto the Washington Mall than, can’t lie, the inauguration it followed.

Which is not to say all these Dems, pitted against a GOP that hasn’t mustered women for 10% of ballot lines, should prevail. Candidate quality matters.

But in a country that still has the industrial world’s worst paid-leave policy for new parents, and a stubborn gender pay gap, and a huge sexual harassment problem, we wish godspeed to those who declare #MeToo not as victims but as victors.

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