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Young Sisters Launch Bakery, Get Mini-Grant From Local Entrepreneurs

By Theresa Braine New York Daily News

WWR Article Summary (tl;dr)  So far, 11 year old Zyaire Hawkins and 9 year old Char’Les Hawkins have come up with a pretty good recipe for success. Their baking business "Little Sistas Treats" has hit a sweet spot with consumers and fellow female entrepreneurs who are standing by to support their growth.


As people turn to comfort food and sweet treats to console themselves during the coronavirus pandemic, two young Colorado entrepreneurs seeing that as an opportunity.

Undeterred by the tanking economy, Zyaire Hawkins, 11, and Char’Les Hawkins, 9, launched a baking business, Little Sistas Treats, in June.

Their creations, such as the vibrant orange “Little Fires Everywhere” frosted cone surrounded by faux fries designed to look like burning embers, are works of art unto themselves.

It’s made, like all of their treats, out of cheesecake-filled ice cream cones, derived from a recipe the sisters developed themselves in June.

“We started planning it out on paper, our flavors, and what we would do with our cones,” Zyaire told KMGH-TV.

“The girls have business meetings,” their mother, Marietta Hawkins, told KMGH. “They are serious about this thing.”

And now the Little Sistas have received their first business grant -- fittingly, from a local, female-owned bakery named Sugar Sisters.

Hawkins brought her daughters in to meet co-owners Molly Witt and Rebekah Lydon, who then put their heads together on how to help the girls.

They decided to award them some of the donations that had been made to their business during the pandemic lockdown.

The next time Zyaire and Char'Les came into the bakery with their mother, Witt and Lydon presented them with $1,015, KMGH reported.

“They’re a startup business,” Lydon told ABC News. “They’re in our community, and these poor young girls just started a business in the middle of a pandemic.” ___ Distributed by Tribune Content Agency, LLC.

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