Yum Suds Are A Guilt-Free Treat

By Jessica Farrish
The Register-Herald, Beckley, W.Va.

Amy Fairchild deserves serious kudos.

Improving on a warm bath is a dare, but Fairchild has looked it in the eye and met it with Yum Suds, her line of homemade bath concoctions.

With the recent launch of Yum Suds, Fairchild is doing for our bathtubs what Rachael Ray did for our kitchens — without all of the extra calories.

There are also no harsh ingredients in Fairchild’s wonderful mixes of scent, bubbles and nature.

“I enjoy taking baths in the evening to relax, but I always seemed to have trouble finding products that won’t irritate my sensitive skin,” the Daniels mom said. “So I decided to start making my own.”

Fairchild started with natural, skim-pampering ingredients like coconut oil, glycerin, mango butter and cocoa and shea butters. She whipped the moisturizing and stretch-mark-fighting elements into heavenly-scented fragrances that perfume the bath and linger on the skin.

Finally, she decorated them with “sprinkles” and “cherries” and cleverly disguised them as our favorite bakery treats.

The result is an enchanting Yum Suds bath bomb, “cupcake” or “bubble cake.” The lovely confections fizz and bubble and indulgently perfume your bath as they drench your skin in nature’s moisturizers.

Body butter and sugar scrubs are also available.

“All of our bath bombs are made with several types of oils and butters that leave your skin feeling silky smooth,” Fairchild promised. “All you do is simply drop one in your tub and watch it fizz and dissolve as it releases all the goodness that your skin will love.

“Our bubble cakes are made with coconut oil and glycerin, which help soothe irritated and dry skin, while producing lots of bubbles!”

The bath bombs — such as the cupcake-shaped ones, complete with the cherry on top, and the effervescing “bubble cakes” — are almost too charming to drop into the water. They’re eye-catching spatters of pink, purple, blue, chocolatey-brown, orange and green.

The fragrances are captivating, from the vanilla tones of the “Signature Sud” to fruity bouquets and a few herbal scents, such as the popular “Sleepy Sud,” which is infused with lavender oil.
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The names — “Fairy Dust,” “Dreamsicle” and “Candy Apple” — are delectable, too.

“We gear most of our fragrances towards sweets, and we we like to come up with unique names such as Mountain Mama (that smells like delicious, blueberry-lemon pie), our Signature Sud, which smells like a sweet, vanilla frosting and Thundering Mint, that smells just like a thin mint cookie,” said Fairchild. “We also offer a few products with essential oils.”

The Yum Suds bath experience is leaving pampered locals feeling grateful.

“My skin felt so amazing after my first bath with the Cupcake bath bomb,” Jillian Butler-Graham of Beckley posted on the Yum Suds Facebook wall. “I need to get some for gifts.

“It will be perfect for anyone who gets dry skin in the winter.”

Fairchild said Yum Suds bath concoctions are a perfect gift for new and expectant moms and also make a fun party favor.

Toddlers and older kids love the fizzle and bubble that Yum Suds brings to the bath, too.

“One of my daughters tried the bath bomb last night, and the other daughter used the bubble bar,” stated Jodi Belcher of Fairdale. “They loved them! I was impressed, too.”

Can babies enjoy the Yum Suds experience? Fairchild’s 10-month-old daughter, Ella, “loves” the products.

“I think it’s always important for parents to make that call on what ingredients they choose to put on their baby’s skin,” said Fairchild. “Our products don’t use any unnecessary ingredients, and I personally have used them in the bath for my own child.

“I think they may be more suitable for toddlers and older children that will enjoy the fizzing and bubbles. It really does make bath time fun!”

Yum Suds are available for order on Facebook ( and will be for sale at the 2015 Women’s Expo at the Raleigh County Convention Center on Feb. 27-28.



  1. Gabriela

    January 29, 2015 at 12:47 am

    I absolutely love the Dreamsicle Cupcake. It made my skin so soft. It smelled very refined and elegant, amazing creamy orange.

    • WWR Editor

      February 22, 2015 at 8:16 pm

      So cool! I think it is a great idea. I am so impressed.


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