Female Financier Looks To Invest In The Next Business Success

By Rachel Lerman
The Seattle Times

WWR Article Summary (tl;dr)  Great look at a very successful investment fund out of Seattle run by a WOMAN! In fact this fund is not just run by a woman, half of  Nancy Zevenbergen’s six-person investment team is made up of women —  a rarity in the financial business. The company sees having female fund managers as a major advantage for its investors.  The assertion being that women in business have a different perspective on investing, as well as different experiences and knowledge, bringing diversity to investments.

The Seattle Times

When Nancy Zevenbergen started her investment firm, Microsoft was still a private company. was years away from launching, and Tesla hadn’t even been dreamed up.

Nearly 30 years later, Zevenbergen Capital Investments has invested in all three companies, along with a host of other early public businesses that the small team thinks will grow to be smashing successes. So far, many of their investments have paid off. The two longest running funds have annualized returns of more than 10 percent, outperforming the growth benchmark.

The Seattle firm largely flies under the radar despite managing $2.5 billion in assets for clients — often large public pension funds or similar organizations — that invest a minimum of $1 million.

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