Mother Planning To Conquer The World With Her Posh Pies

By Ruth Sunderland
Daily Mail, London

WWR Article Summary (tl;dr) Lovely story of how a young couple met, fell in love, grew a business and a beautiful FAMILY! “Higgidy Pies” founder Camilla Stephens shares her recipe for success…

Daily Mail, London

When a handsome young architect arrived at Camilla Stephens’ London flat 16 years ago, she did not suspect she would end up with a husband and business partner as well as a new kitchen.

Camilla, now 45, went on to set up Higgidy Pies from her Fulham apartment, but at the time she was just an aspiring cook looking for a way to make money from her culinary skills.

James Foottit, 37, found Camilla and her pastry irresistible. The feeling, it seems, was mutual.

‘It was a really hot summer, and he wasn’t wearing a shirt. It was a Mr Darcy moment, yes it was,’ she says.

James soon abandoned the small building firm he had set up to help with Camilla’s fledgling venture.

Not long after, the couple were joined in the business by Mark Campbell, James’s best friend from his days studying architecture at Edinburgh University.

The trio are now joint chief executives of Higgidy Pies, which has grown from literally a kitchen table enterprise into a company with pounds sterling 2m of net assets that supplies big supermarkets including Sainsbury’s and Waitrose.

‘We are the three-headed monster,’ Camilla shrieks with laughter.

She made her maiden batch of pies in 2002, sold the first ones to food chain Eat in 2003, married James in 2004 and Mark came into the business in 2005. The three of them have been going strong ever since.

Running a company with your husband and his best mate might sound like many women’s idea of hell. To the three of them, it seems natural.

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