‘She Wasn’t Afraid Of Life’: Woman Who Died Doing Missionary Work In Africa Recalled As Vibrant, Strong-Willed

By Matthew Walberg
Chicago Tribune

WWR Article Summary (tl;dr) A young woman from the midwest whose life mission was to help children in Africa, died of Malaria last week in Ghana.

Chicago Tribune

Meghan Liddy had been sick with malaria before, but this time it was different.

Liddy, who’d just turned 25, was mourning the death of an infant boy, Kofi, she was fostering in Kumasi, Ghana, when she became ill.

“I’ve been hospitalized with malaria and it’s kinda seriously kicking my butt along with lots of other horrible things happening this week,” Liddy wrote on her Facebook page Wednesday, Oct. 31. “Please if you could send good vibes prayers and whatever else you got.”

It was her last post on her page, but the family continued to receive news from her friends in Ghana, and it was not good.

“We found out that her kidneys weren’t doing very well, and then it literally spiraled,” Liddy’s aunt, Trisha Hume Steele, told the Tribune. “By Thursday, that’s when we kind of started finding out hey, she’s got the kidney issue, deep vein thrombosis, a pulmonary embolism and was septic.”

Steele said the family began trying to make arrangements to have her transported back to the U.S. in the event her condition stabilized. But on Friday morning, the family learned that she died.

Steele said she believes her niece’s health was compromised by grieving over the loss of Kofi, a baby boy with cerebral palsy whom she had been fostering.

“He actually died the day before she went to the hospital,” Steele, said, her voice strained with emotion. “I’m sure that’s why her immune system was down. She’d had malaria before and had recovered just fine.”

Liddy had taken a mission trip to Uganda when she was 18. From the moment she returned home, it was her goal to go back to Africa.

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