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One fateful day, when preparing for her journey into the world of high school standardized exams, our founding Educational Director, Alexandra Mayzler, placed a stack of vocabulary flashcards and math worksheets under her pillow. Not surprisingly, when she awoke the next morning, she realized that she had neither gotten a good night’s sleep nor learned very much. Soon, after having exhausted similar “quick-fix” methods (and with some encouragement from her parents) she began to prepare using a more “traditional” approach cramming as much information into her brain as possible. Of course, the latter method produced the desired results, but it naturally proved to be time consuming and stressful, and ultimately left her with

the conviction that studying could be much easier, more interesting, and potentially even enjoyable.

Several years and many students later, this conviction, combined with extensive study and training in Psychology, evolved into the formation of Thinking Caps Tutoring (TCT), a full service educational company that helps students acquire the fundamental skills and confidence they need to succeed at any point in their educational path, from primary and secondary school, to college and beyond.

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