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Erica Fair and Sherry Danna spent the first three years of their friendship beating the crap out of one another. They knew each other as Sweet Sherry Pie and Roxy Balboa. The duo first met in November 2005 when Sherry was accepted as a new skater for Gotham Girls Roller Derby, where Erica was already a member. She was drafted to Erica’s team, The Manhattan Mayhem, and by 2007, Roxy and Pie were the team’s captains. Roxy retired from roller derby after the 2008 season, and Pie is still skating strong as captain of The Mayhem, a league coach and All-Star team member. The two remained close friends and in 2010 when Erica returned from her world travels with the dream of opening a gluten free bakery, she knew the perfect person to help her: a girl she called Pie.

Erica Fair

Erica Fair is a successful fashion designer, world traveler and relentless goofball. She was raised in Lancaster, Pennsylvania and has been living in NYC for nine years with her husband Brian and turtle, Princess Spike.

Ten years ago, Erica was diagnosed with a wheat allergy. Being a lover of all things delicious, she quickly became tired and annoyed at the measly selection of feeble tasting, dense and expensive gluten free baked goods in the market place. In 2009, Erica took a break from nitty-gritty New York City to explore international fashion industries and lived in Japan, Guam and New Zealand. While living in New Zealand, she worked in a gluten free bakery and found the experience enlightening and very rewarding. She returned to the New York groove in the summer of 2010 with the intention of trading in her sewing machine for a spatula and using her design and baking skills to open up her own gluten free bakery.

Sherry Danna

SherryAnn Danna was born and raised in the great state of New Jersey. Although she never acquired the accent or fake tan, she grew up as a true Italian-American should: covered in dough in the kitchen with her mother and grandmothers. She moved to NYC in 2003 and still resides there with her boyfriend Jonathan and cats Whiskey and Lemmy.

Sherry attended The Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC and earned degrees in advertising design and packaging design. Although she bounced around careers quite a bit, one thing always remained constant: her passion for being in the kitchen. Finally realizing what it was she was meant to do, Sherry committed to taking the expensive plunge and enrolling in a pastry arts program. Then she got the call from Erica. She dropped her enrollment applications right there and made it her mission to create the greatest gluten free baked goods possible. Sherry shudders at the thought of someone having to live without a decent loaf of bread.

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