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One day, while working for an importer, Nancy Levine had an epiphany that sent her spinning into the next chapter of her life. She decided to move on from 25 years in the food industry and give free rein to her creativity. The result is Faux Posh, a small home decorating business based at a neighborhood facility that incubates budding entrepreneurs. 
Nancy’s signature product is a fresh take on an old standard. You probably call them lazy susans. But at Faux Posh they’re table spinners.
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Nancy calls her home decorating work purposeful art and designs for multiple uses. She does everything herself. And like most entrepreneurs, that’s a strength–and an Achilles heel–or toe–in Nancy’s case. Nancy says,
“I never use the word boss, because boss has a negative connotation to me. I never want to boss anybody, but I’d like people to work for me and I’d like them to help me and I’d like to help them, too, cause I think everything in life should be a two way street.”

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