Baking With A Passion … Staying Focused On Desserts Paying Off For New Startup

By Dave Gallagher The Bellingham Herald (Bellingham, Wash.)

WWR Article Summary (tl;dr) Veronica Stendahl shares how she launched her Washington state bakery business "Antler Baking Co." So far it is off to a sweet start!

The Bellingham Herald (Bellingham, Wash.)

Veronica Stendahl was ready for her own bakery business, but wanted to start small and build it up. Working with another local company has given her a boost.

In December Stendahl opened Antler Baking Co. inside the Woods Coffee shop in the Flatiron Building. Antler offers a variety of cakes and pies by the slice as well as cookies and cupcakes.

Stendahl got her start last year as a vendor at the Bellingham Farmers Market. While selling her baked goods at the market she got to know Wes Herman, CEO of Woods Coffee. Herman's wife, Diane, fell in love with Stendahl's southern carrot cake. As the Hermans became regular customers, they learned Stendahl was looking for a way to open a small storefront. It came at a time when the Hermans were looking to add a tenant inside its large Flatiron building cafe.

"We were really impressed," Wes Herman said, noting the balance of flavors in her baked goods are excellent. "We went back each week and realized she was a young entrepreneur making a good product."

Since Woods Coffee has its own line of baked goods, it may seem like unusual to add a bakery stand inside the cafe.

Wes Herman said it's turned out to be a good fit because Stendahl offers a different variety of baked goods they that Woods didn't have time to do.

Stendahl said that also works well for her, because she can focus on her baking without having to add coffee to her menu. Adding drinks to the menu would probably be a requirement if she had a standalone bakery shop.

She's also opening up a new opportunity for Woods Coffee. Antler is open in the afternoon into the evening, catching more the date night crowd or those looking for dessert. She's able to prepare her product in the morning, ensuring the baked goods are fresh in the afternoon and evening. While she's only been open a few months, Stendahl said she's pleased with the response.

"I've had great feedback from customers, which makes me so happy," Stendahl said.

Stendahl said she loves the look of antlers, so much so that she incorporated into the business name.

Antler is currently open 2-8 p.m. Wednesday through Saturday. Stendahl will also be back at the Farmers Market this season. Details about the company can be found on Facebook or Instagram.

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