Boho Pretty Mobile Boutique

By Sherry Van Arsdall
Goshen News, Ind.


From a dilapidated and deteriorated state, a pink and white 1970 Shasta Camper has been transformed to a trendy and unique chic boutique on wheels.

Two lifelong friends, Amber Huber and Mary Miller, joined together in business and created Boho Pretty Mobile Boutique in 2013.

“Boho Pretty stands for B.O.H.O-Beautiful On Her Own. We hope to spread positive energy and help build esteem,” Huber said. “We hope to send the message that we are all beautiful on our own and in our own way … no need to fall into that standard social norm of ‘pretty’ because when you’re Boho pretty … you’re beautiful on your own.”

The friends have set up their boutique at home parties, special events and fundraisers for their customers.

“We roll up … have fun with our customers and then leave,” Huber said smiling.
Miller agreed.

“We didn’t know what to expect and we just keep getting busier and busier,” Miller said. “We’ve had to turn some people down.”

So during the holidays, the co-owners have a temporary store front for customers to do their holiday shopping at Boho Pretty Holiday Pop-Up Shop, 216 S. Main St. Goshen. Their store hours are Thursday and Friday from noon to 8 p.m. and Saturday from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. until Dec. 31.

The business partners say they are “Mommy-Preneurs” — meaning mommy first and entrepreneur second — and have always shared a creative passion along with a love for fashion.

“We thought how much fun it would be to take our store to our customers! Women like to shop for clothes,” Huber said. “What a perfect opportunity to connect with our clients and create a more personal shopping experience enjoying a fun adventure along the way. We buy wholesale and have a variety for all ages. We have seen moms, daughters and grandmas buy our stuff.”

They have recently added plus sizes in their clothing for women that includes tops and bottoms, Miller added.

Boho Pretty carries a variety of accessories in jewelry, handbags, headbands, scarves, watches and leg warmers.

“Tops are our most popular and trendy items for customers, but they can leave our ‘camper’ with a complete outfit,” Miller said.

They enjoy sharing the background on their Shasta camper and its Goshen connections, which was made by Forest River Inc.

“We found it on Craigslist and bought it local in Goshen,” Miller said. “It was in bad shape and needed to be gutted to the metal frame. My husband, Verlin, had to re-stud most of it. He made three bays for our merchandise, a dressing room and a cash wrap. It surprises people when they step inside.”

There’s also an unexpected surprise with one of their interior decorations.

“It’s our ‘wow’ factor,” Huber said, smiling. “I’ve had this chandelier and people have no idea something like that is in there until they step inside.”

The business partners have traveled throughout Indiana selling their merchandise and were voted “Indy’s Best New Fashion Truck” by Indianapolis Monthly for 2014.

For more information on Boho Pretty, contact Huber or Miller at or visit their website at

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