Car Toppers Alert Others: Baby’s On The Way

By Suzi Bartholomy
Messenger-Inquirer, Owensboro, Ky.

Most people starting a new business would admit that making money is their primary motivation.

Theresa Tudor, on the other hand, is not denying that she hopes Lady in Labor brings in cash, but that is not why she created the service that she hopes will lead to less anxiety when expectant moms make the hospital run.

Twenty years ago, while out by herself looking at Florida rental property, she began having labor pains. It was her third pregnancy, so she knew the routine and was eager to get to the hospital as soon as possible.

While sitting at a stoplight en route, she experienced an intense contraction and couldn’t move her car. Irritated motorists behind her began blowing their horns and driving around her.

One of her Lady in Labor car toppers would have helped her situation, Tudor said.

“If I had had one on my car, someone would have probably come to help me,” she said.

“I’ve been thinking of this concept for 20 years,” Tudor said. “I’ve just recently been able to finance my idea.”

The unit is red and white with the Lady logo. It comes with yellow flashing lights that alert other drivers that a woman is about to have a baby. It adheres to the top of the vehicle with eight powerful magnets.

“Women with high-risk pregnancies can especially benefit,” by having a Lady in Labor topper, Tudor said, “or women who have to travel a long distance to the hospital.
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Tudor said she thinks drivers will accommodate a Lady in Labor vehicle. “They won’t tailgate and will get out of the way,” Tudor said.
Tudor, a licensed practical nurse of 35 years, has worked in newborn units at hospitals in Owensboro, Henderson and Florida.

Sometimes a few minutes is all a mother needs to get to a hospital or birthing center to have her baby instead of on the side of the road or in the car, she said.

She said she knows of two recent births outside the delivery room. One was in an elevator and the other on Kentucky 69.

“When a woman is in labor, a few minutes are precious,” Tudor said.

She recently tested the topper by driving on Kentucky 69. She was pulled over by a law enforcement officer who asked her if she wanted an escort to the hospital.

“So it (Lady in Labor) works,” she said.

“I have 12 units, and they rent for $50 for four weeks, so you know this isn’t going to make me rich,” Tudor said.

She said her motive is getting moms to the hospital as quickly as legally possible.

Lady in Labor toppers are available at Commonwealth Family Pharmacy at 1915 W. Parrish Ave. and Rice Pharmacy in Beaver Dam.

“I think it’s unique. An excellent idea,” said pharmacist Tim McDaniel at Commonwealth.

“We just got the display set up (last week), and we’ve already received some inquiries,” McDaniel said.

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