Entrepreneurs Begin Food Delivery Service In Dickinson

By April Baumgarten
The Dickinson Press, N.D.

It all started out with one question: Who else in Dickinson delivers food besides pizza places?

“I’ve thought about it ever since we came to Dickinson, which has been about a year now,” Brittany Giesy said. “I finally decided to just ask on Facebook, ‘Who would use this service if we had it,’ and the only reason why I did is because I saw a ton of posts on (Facebook) asking, ‘Who delivers besides Pizza Hut?’ So I said, ‘Let’s see what happens if we do it.'”

The idea of starting a food-delivery business that stewed years ago gained wheels and took off. Giesy, a Gladstone stay-at-home mother, along with oilfield worker Luke Radzak of Dickinson, started Go Getters Delivery, a business that picks up food and beverages from the city’s restaurants and delivers the items to people around town for a small fee.

“We are kind of starting out with just us to kind of test the ropes and see how it pans out,” Giesy said.

Though it is a side business, the idea seems to be popular. Giesy and Radzak have only been delivering goods for a week, but the concept has caught on. The Go Getters Facebook page has garnered about 300 likes as of Friday, and people on the receiving end of the business seem to appreciate it, Radzak said.

“We’ve done a couple of deliveries so far, and they just praise us,” he said. “It blew up on Facebook.”

Here’s how it works: A person can call Radzak or Giesy and place an order through them to any restaurant.

“Someone got Schlotzsky’s yesterday (Tuesday),” Radzak said. “Schlotzsky’s doesn’t deliver. So they called Brittany, they told Brittany what they wanted, Brittany called Schlotzsky’s, put the order in and then she told me, ‘Hey, it’s going to be 45 minutes before it’s ready.’ So I showed up 45 minutes later and picked it up. We pay for it for (the customers) in advance and deliver it.”

The customer then pays for the food, plus a $4 delivery charge and $2 per mile from the restaurant to the customer’s location, as long as it’s in Dickinson.

“We’re not going to charge them for us having to go to Schlotzsky’s,” Radzak said. “That wouldn’t really be fair to the customer.”

Giesy said one of her friends in Moses Lake, Wash., had a similar idea. While others across the country appear to have a business that mirrors the idea, Radzak said he and his friends played with the idea when he was in college 10 years ago, but he didn’t get into the business until Giesy posted on Facebook that she wanted to start the service in Dickinson.

“The concept of it is kind of growing everywhere,” Radzak said.

The most popular customers are businesses ordering multiple items, Radzak said.

“I think that’s just kind of the way it is going,” he added. “It works well for people who work in offices who don’t have time to go out there and get lunch.”

The duo said they would deliver any food or beverage that doesn’t have delivery service. The options vary from coffee or McDonald’s to bulk food orders.

The service can come in handy during situations such as on cold winter days or when someone doesn’t have enough time during lunch to drive — especially with Dickinson’s heavy afternoon traffic — they said.

Radzak and Giesy ask that customers give them at least an hour to deliver items so there is ample time, especially since Giesy lives in Gladstone and Radzak may be at his main job. The time it takes for a restaurant to prepare the food also comes into play. Radzak and Giesy are also looking into how they can donate misorders or forgotten items to those in need.

“Really, you could do it a week in advance and we could just put it on the calendar,” Radzak said.

The two would like to expand the types of items they can deliver in the future, such as groceries or prescriptions if possible. They may add another driver if needed.

“His (Radzak’s) quote is, ‘Anytime, anywhere, anything,'” Giesy said.

“The options are kind of endless,” Radzak added.

Go Getters Delivery
What: Food and beverage delivery service
Who: Brittany Giesy and Luke Radzak
Where: Based in Gladstone, delivers in Dickinson
Phone: Giesy at 360-338-2179 or Radzak at 715-558-5087.
Facebook: Search “Go Getters Delivery”

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