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Carla Holtze and Kimberly Skelton met in business school but their dreams to be the boss or “bosses” in this case began long before their days at Columbia.

Carla and Kimberly wanted to come up with a way to make online shopping easy, fun and social.

Not only have they accomplished that but they’re changing the way publishers, advertisers and consumers all interact in the digital world.

At consumers can save everything from shoes, to designer handbags to lipsticks from retailers across the web.

Shoppers can also see what their friends like or even celebrities who make their own favorite have to have lists.

On Have to Have you can save your favorite items from retailers across the web so you can see everything you love in ONE place.

You can also create shopping lists that you can share with friends and family, and, best of all, get notified when your favorite items go on SALE! Carla and Kimberly say ” Think of Have to Have as your universal shopping assistant who pulls and holds all of your items while you decide what to buy.”

Have to Have also lets you see what others are buying so you can discover new products and see what’s trending.

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