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Susie Taylor took a common problem many parents face and turned it into a business that is now giving other parents a way to keep kids clean.

This MIami mom created Bibbitec, a “SUPER BIB” after doing way too many loads of laundry.

Susie says she had her lightbulb moment during a plane trip with her husband and two little ones…by the end of the trip the kids had been crawling all over mom and dad and spilling stuff everywhere.

By the end of the flight everyone was a mess except for her husband who’s special golf shirt was clean…and yes the kids were jumping on dad too.

She started to investigate what made that golf shirt repel the stains. After many late nights sifting through information she had her answer and her idea for a product. Bibbitec was born.

Bibbitec is A patented, multi-tasking Bib that serves as the catch all in your diaper bag and at home, delivering cleanliness and ease in a single bound. Bibbitec’s cozy, stain-resistant, fast-drying, soft, lightweight material has the strength of a superhero and the adaptability of a Supermom.

The Ultimate Bib is perfect as a soft, non-toxic burp cloth – changing pad – breast-feeding shield – full body bib – placemat – breathable stroller blanket – art smock – “lapkin” and apron. The specifically engineered material does not shrink or lose its quality because the goods are in the thread!

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