Cheerleading Coaches Handed Out ‘Big Boobie’ And ‘Big Booty’ Awards To High School Girls

By Heidi Stevens
Chicago Tribune

WWR Article Summary (tl;dr) The ACLU wants the Kenosha, Wisconsin school district to discipline the coaches who handed out the offending awards and mandate anti-harassment training for all district employees.

Chicago Tribune

A cheerleading squad at a Kenosha, Wisc., high school has attracted the American Civil Liberties Union’s attention after a parent complained that girls were being given “Big Boobie” and “Big Booty” awards.

By their coaches.

In real life.

Not a Seth MacFarlane movie.

At last year’s annual banquet for the Tremper High School cheerleaders, according to The New York Times, coaches handed out some eye-popping awards.

“There was the Big Boobie award for the girl with the biggest breasts,” the Times reports. “The coach giving the award, according to several parents among the 100 people in attendance, made a joke that the girl risked a concussion when she ran because of her ‘enormous boobs.’ There was a Big Booty award for another girl. In a video from the event, held at a local catering hall, the coach presenting the award said: ‘We love her butt. Everybody loves her butt.’

“The String Bean award,” the Times reports, “went to a freshman who, as the Tremper cheerleading coach Patti Uttech later told school administrators, ‘was so light and skinny.’ “

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