First Stop Shark Tank…Now Store Shelves

By Jim Abbott
The Daytona Beach News-Journal

WWR Article Summary (tl;dr) First they took a dip into the “Shark Tank” and now they’re ready to swim! Meet Adam and Desiree Haller who created a fool-proof sandwich container they hope makes a huge splash on store shelves.

The Daytona Beach News-Journal

Created by a Port Orange couple, SubSafe, a waterproof, crush-proof container for submarine sandwiches, is now carried at Wawa and Publix stores, according to media reports.

It’s the invention of Adam and Desiree Haller, who pitched the idea on the TV show “Shark Tank” in January. On the program, the couple grabbed $100,000 for 25 percent equity of their company from billionaire Mark Cuban and NBA great Charles Barkley.

“We wanted to find someone who could help us,” Desiree Haller told The News-Journal in January. The couple, who couldn’t immediately be reached on Wednesday, also was eager for the exposure the show could provide.

The Hallers aren’t the first Volusia County entrepreneurs to be featured on “Shark Tank.”

The show’s premiere episode in 2015 put a spotlight on Chris Gilpin, president and CEO of Orange City-based SignalVault LLC, a company that markets devices to prevent high-tech thieves from stealing credit and debit card information by simply walking past their victims. The device is roughly the same size as a credit card, only slightly thicker and heavier.

Visit for more information on SubSafe.
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